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Working in the lab

Any student wishing to work in the lab needs to complete the checklist form abaliable in the lab documents page.

Running Experiments

All experiments must be conducted with supervision and express permission of a laboratory moniter. Special permission must be given to conduct any experiments without atleast two people in the lab.

Cleaning up lab space

Any materials used by a student must be cleaned and returned to their storage location at the end of each working day. If special equipment is needed for cleaning a lab manager can help.

Using Instrumentation

Any student wishing to use any of the specialized lab equipment such as the Laser Doppler Anemometer must be trained and given permission to use the equpment. Any student may ask that a lab superviser help them with using specialized equipment to use for a short time during an experiment.


Safety must be maintained in the lab at all times


Presentations can given in the conference room or in the main area of the lab. A projector, laptop, and white board are avaliable for presentations.

Last Updated: 05 May 2010
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